California Drift by Zimo


Have Full Control In Your Hand : 

ZIMO® California Drift is designed to be super easy to use, the forcesensitive remote control is a much better system than a mechanical button so you can slowly accelerate and deaccelerate! The remote is how you control the board. There are no apps to download in order to use it, you simply turn on the remote, and turn on the board and you can start riding. It has a small lanyard attached which helps you not drop it while riding.

Aluminum Deck and Brushless Motor :

The aluminum board measures 40.74" by 10.82", and the deck uses a hallowed design that's crafted out of Aluminum Alloy, which can support up to 120 kg. The motor is IP54 waterproof, and it is quite powerful and is capable of handling hills from 1520o incline. The ZIMO® California Drift can go as fast as 40km/h(24.86 mile/h) for 15km(9.32 miles) from one full charge, this is possible due to the 36V 4.4Ah battery and 1800W rearmounted dual-drive brushless motor.

     Brand Name : Zimo
     Weight : 10.5kg
     Battery : 4.4 AH 36V (Lithium Battery)
     Max Speed : 40 km/h or 24.8 m/h
     Charge Time : 2.5 Hours
     Range Per Charge : 12 km or 7.4 miles
     Max Climbing Angle : 15°
     Max Load : 120kg
     Package Size : 109 x 37 x 18 cm

    California Drift by Zimo

    Inspirational and Lightening

    The design was inspired by the Arc Reactor and shark gills, and it has full-colour lights on both sides and centre of the board that light up during rides. Many people use vehicles like this to get around, often in the evenings. The ZIMO® California Drift is cognizant of this and makes a concerted effort to light the board well. There are strips of LEDs along each side, as well as spotlights on the front and rear. If you break, it will even turn the lights red to make it apparent what is going on. All of this should help you stay safe in the dark compared to other boards.

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