Utah Rally by Zimo


Get ready to tear up the roads with the ZIMO W6.

The high-powered BLDC hub motor offers incredible performance outputting out-of-this-world torque and raw power, with a range of 31 Miles or 50 KM providing you with convenience, reliability, and speed in even the most adverse of driving conditions. 

The Utah Rally by ZIMO is equipped with a highly efficient 1,000Wh 18Ah lithium-ion battery pack, providing the BLDC motor with optimal electricity and a driving range of 40 kilometers (24 miles) in sports mode and 50 kilometers (31 miles) in economy mode. Its incredible suspension offers unparalleled riding comfort even on the bumpiest of roads. Specially made alloy coil springs are there to adjust and absorb even the hardest of shocks in the most difficult of driving conditions. 
     Brand Name : Zimo
     Weight : 37kg
     Battery : 23.0 AH 52V (Lithium Battery)
     Max Speed : 60 km/h or 37.2 m/h
     Charge Time : 15 Hours
     Range Per Charge : 50 km or 31.0 miles
     Max Climbing Angle : 30°
     Max Load : 150kg
     Package Size : 144 x 36 x 66cm

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