Fly NYC by Talu


The Fly NYC Sport by Talu is the eSkateboard you have been waiting for. 

This patented eSkateboard features easy and smooth riding with patented Talu wobble. It also analyzes your riding style and makes slight adjustments for greater control and increased safety. In addition to its quirky design and livery, it offers LED light support, a built-in music player and remote control for speed adjustment as well as mobile phone connectivity. 

All Talu's boards are made using multilayered A-Grade maple from Canada which provides unbelievable 120 KG Max load. 

 Brand Name : Talu
 Size : 97 x 34 x 20 cm
 Battery : 4.3 Ah / 155 Wh (Lithium Battery)
 Max Speed : 25 kilometres/h or 15 miles/h
 Max Load : 120kg
 Range / Mileage : 20 km or 12.4 miles
 Max Climbing Angle : 15°
 Deck Material : 9-Layer Thermoforming Canadian Maple
 Package Weight : 10.7 kg

Fly NYC by Talu

Modern Design

The Fly NYC eSkateboard features a Samsung 18650 Lithium Battery container with a capacity of up to 158 to 162 Wh and an increased riding distance of 25 Kilometres or 15 Miles from a full charge. 

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