Aviator Max eScooter by Zimo


The ZIMO Aviator is a new evolutionary eScooter that has wide 100mm tires, although the very wide tires look somewhat odd on an e-scooter, the amount of traction during turns as well as the upright stability of this eScooter gives you a truly safe and stable ride. Both the front and rear wheels have built-in suspensions that are made of four individual alloy coil springs which makes your every ride incredibly smooth and comfortable.

For added safety, the ZIMO Aviator has a built-in front LED light as well as a rear brake light, and for excellent stopping power, a 120mm big brake disc is built-in as well.

Main Features -
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • High-powered 48V 500W Brushless Hub Motor
  • Two Independent Suspension System
  • 100mm wide tires filled with polyurethane foam fluid
  • Braking System with the Built-in 120mm Wider Brake Disc
  • High Luminance LED Hea Light and Brake Light
  • Rider's Recommended age: 14+
  • Rider's Recommended height: 120-200cm (3'11" - 6'6")
  • IP4 Waterproof
 Brand Name : Zimo
 Weight : 22.8kg
 Battery : 13.2 AH 48V (Lithium Battery)
 Max Speed : 25 km/h or 15.5 m/h
 Charge Time : 6 Hours
 Range Per Charge : 60 km or 37.2 miles
 Max Climbing Angle : 25°
 Max Load : 100kg
 Package Size : 116 x 24 x 48 cm
Specifications : Aviator  Aviator Pro Aviator Max
Battery - 4.4Ah | 48V 10Ah | 48V 13.2Ah | 48V
Mileage - 20km / 12.5 miles 40km / 24.8miles 60 km / 37.2 miles
Charging Time - 3 hours 5 hours 6 hours
Motor - 500W Hub Motor 500W Hub Motor 1000W Hub Motor
Net Weight - 20.5kg / 45.1 lbs 21.8kg / 48.1 lbs 22.8kg / 50.2 lbs
Max Climbing Angle - 15° 15° 25°
Price -  $1,160 USD $1,240 USD $1,460 USD

Aviator eScooter by Zimo

Professional and Powerful

The ZIMO Aviator is fitted with a high powered 48V 500W BLDC hub motor which provides a huge amount of torque for excellent climbs up steeper inclines as well as much improved riding performance for those demanding riding conditions. Proudly designed in Korea, the next generation controller box is customized to enhance the riding performance while prolonging the life of the motor with a smart heat controller. The mainframe is forged with cutting edge die casting methods which gives this e-scooter excellent quality and strength while still maintaining beautiful esthetics.

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