Ferrera eBike by Zimo


The most portable eBike riding experience to date. 

The Ferrera by Zimo features extreme portability, state of the art shock absorption and most importantly increased levels of comfort. 

Not enough? The Ferrera also features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and front and rear brake-disc system. Check your remaining mileage, battery level and speed output on a handy LCD Smart Display. The Ferrera provides the ultimate portable road-going experience. 

     Brand Name : Zimo
     Weight : 18kg
     Battery : 8.8 AH 36V (Lithium Battery)
     Max Speed : 30 km/h or 18.6 m/h
     Charge Time : 3 - 5 Hours
     Range Per Charge : 35-45 km or 22-28 miles
     Max Climbing Angle : 30°
     Max Load : 120kg
     Package Size : 130 x 38 x 55 cm
     Warranty Period : 12 months

    Revolutionising Electric Scooters

    Ferrera E-Scooter

    The Ferrera eScooter is one of the best Rydables available on the market. It features innovative foldable design, dual disk brake system, leather saddle, and German technology brushless motor.

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