Harley Electric Bike by ZIMO

$3,240 $4,800

Introducing the ZIMO Harley Electric Lifestyle Scooter exclusively at Rydable. 

The ZIMO Harley is powered by a 1000w motor providing you with a capacity of 80 miles and 28 MPH or 45 KM/H. The beautiful scooter provides durability and extreme reliability. The Harley is extremely easy to use and very fun to ride, it's only a matter of climbing on board and twisting the throttle to GO. 

     Brand Name : Zimo
     Weight : 54kg
     Battery : 21.8 AH 60V (Lithium Battery)
     Max Speed : 45 km/h or 27.9 m/h
     Charge Time : 8 Hours
     Range Per Charge : 80 km or 49.7 miles
     Max Climbing Angle : 15°
     Max Load : 200kg
     Tire Size : 18 x 9.5 inch
     Package Size : 180 x 40 x 98 cm


    Harley by Zimo

    The Harley's design means you can use it as a daily method of transportation - it's sleek and stylish design provides great portability due to it being smaller than conventional bikes. It's 1000W motor allows for great range, allowing you to skip those nasty traffic jams! 

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